2018 Q1 Special Event Sponsorship Form

Race into this year with SCUG and local JD Edwards customers at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles.  Read on to find out more about how you and your company can participate in this exclusive event, without your competitors in the room! 

Exclusive Opportunity


Features of this event:

  • Standout with either an education session, keynote address / general session, facilitate the executive roundtable
  • Exhibitor's Table and attendance for two sponsor company attendees
  • Be in the room without competing vendors, only six total vendors may sponsors/attend with the customer attendees
  • Customer attendees will also be limited, a max of two per company will be registered to start, so more companies in the region are represented at this event.  We're expecting about 72 customer attendees, given the event center capacity.
  • Customer Director/VP/CxO levels will be targeted with an Executive Roundtable and other enticing content for this level of attendee



The day will include networking time during breakfast, lunch and happy hour, exhibitors tables for our six sponsors, keynote, education sessions, executive roundtable and time for the driving experience and the simulators events.  Attendees must arrive by 10AM or they will not be allowed to the event. 

Sponsorship covers all portions of the event, except in the case of a sponsoring vendor wishing to provide give aways, such as exhibitor table give aways, session give aways, or end of meeting grand prize give aways.  See above features: Exhibitor table included, plus at least one other meeting event such a education session, executive roundtable, or keynote/general session.


A Committed Submission

Given the nature of this event, your submission must be a commitment, with a neutral selection process. The cost to sponsor this special event is $3500 per vendor, if selected.  By submitting this form, you agree, if selected, that you will proceed with this sponsorship with immediate payment.  See below for selection process details and dates.


***Oracle may attend this event in some capacity no matter the mix of partners in the room

Call for submissions begins on Friday, January 26th, 2018

Call for submission ends on Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Partners will be notified of the outcome on Friday, February 9th, 2018 and payment will be requested from those selected at that time.

Selection Process

If we have competing vendors in the final submissions, they will be grouped, assigned a number, and numbers drawn anonomously.  For instance, if we have six implementation partners in our submissions, those six will be grouped in the implementation partners category, given a number, and a number will be anonomously drawn.  The number that matches the partner will determine that partner is selected for the sponsorship.  Other types of vendors will be grouped according to their specialty and the same procedure will apply.


  Yes, me/my company is committed to pay the sponsor fee if selected!
  Keynote Address or General Session
  Education Breakout Session
  Facilitate the Leaders Roundtable (Dir, VP, CXO level)
  We are open to any of these options

Thank you for your interest in this special meeting!