Nominations Submission Form 2019 - 2020 Term

Board Members are the Face of SCUG!

(Nominate yourself, or someone you know!)

Why should you join the board you ask? 

SCUG is known as one of the most active Oracle/Quest Regional User Groups around! 

1. Build your professional brand

 Being on a vibrant user group's board of directors offers instant credo to your status in the industry!

2. Have a say  

Tired of the content or same meeting format?  Here's your chance to be an agent of change and keep the user group alive and thriving!

3. Try a new role or develop a new skill

Which can also help build out a resume or LinkedIn Profile.

4. Make business connections or friends in the industry/area


5. Be a part of something bigger in the local, national and international user group community. 

Be sure and read through our Bylaws so you know the official rules and duties of the board. While we have a bylaw stipulating 2 years of membership required as a customer, we may make exceptions to the 2 years or customer rule if we don't have qualified candidates running, so when in doubt, nominate yourself!

All Role Descriptions and Incumbent Candidates Running for Office are Posted Here: 

General Board and Officers

  1. President                                 
  2. Vice President of Finance         
  3. Vice President of Programs 
  4. Director of Technology
  5. Director of Media & Marketing
  6. Director of Administration
  7. Director of Membership - Customers
  8. Director of Membership – Sponsors/Partners
  9. Director of Events & Logistics
  10. Director of Oracle & Quest Relations
  11. Oracle Business Partner Advisor (Filled/Appointed)
  12. Director of Community Outreach
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