Sessions for the Q3 Meeting - October 24th, 2019

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Oracle Keynote Address

9:30 AM

Room: Emerald Ballroom (Level 2)

The JD Edwards Journey to Continuous Business Process Improvement


Continuous innovation is the ongoing process to improve Oracle’s JD Edwards products, and is one of the many benefits of upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.  JD Edwards is enabling process automation everywhere, and there is a big vision for how to deliver future innovation. In this session, we’ll explore how customers can regularly adopt new releases and keep continuous adoption non-disruptive and cost-effective. Learn how to use continuous adoption to digitize your processes and create a competitive advantage for your businesses.


Emerald Ballroom (Level 2)

Neil Pugh is a Senior Director at Oracle JD Edwards in the product management organization.  Neil has been a JD Edwards product veteran since the early days of the product.  He has held various positions within the product development organization, encompassing senior leadership roles in both application and tools development. Recently, Neil has taken on primary responsibility for the Customer Programs in the JD Edwards Product Management organization.  Neil is responsible for the future product strategy and vision of the JD Edwards products, including user experience, cloud, and digital transformation initiatives.  Neil is excited to help enable customers with the tools they need to transform their businesses through continuous innovation.

Neil is a Colorado native and earned his degree in Computer Information Systems at Colorado State University.  In his spare time, Neil enjoys finding new hiking adventures with his wife and three daughters.


Breakout Sessions - Track 1 - 10:40 AM

Room: Boardroom

Room: Coral

Room: Ivory


Optimize Your Oracle ERP with Enterprise-Class Workload Automation

Conventional job schedulers can no longer keep pace with the rapid changes and complex requirements driven by business.  Poor visibility, fragmented application-specific toolsets, and disconnected processes are creating dangerous mis-alignments and missed SLAs.  An integrated cross-platform, cross-application approach helps you manage today’s complex interdependencies and accelerate time-to-value for the critical workflows that drive your success. A single view – with centralized command-and-control – over all systems, all applications, all business processes, and the jobs that comprise them.


  • Centrally schedule, automate, and manage workloads across a diverse mix of systems, databases, and applications 
  • Orchestrate and automate workflows as you transition from on-prem to cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments
  • Reduce human errors and the inefficiencies of script management or having to write integrations


Presenter: DEENA GRIBBEN, Sales and Operations Manager, JDE Mart

Co Presenter: Pete Carroll, Sales Manager, Tidal Sofware

Co Presenter: Tom O’Rourke, Managing Director, Product and Program Management , Tidal Sofware


Fusion Demand Planning Integration to JDE

In this session we will talk about the Demand planning solution by Oracle Fusion Demand Planning module and its capabilities. We will integrate JDE data to demand planning cloud and forecast the demand using various engine profiles to get the best of breed forecast. We will also talk about simulation of forecast and CTO items in demand planning solution. The demand planning solution helps various depart ments of an organization to create a consensus demand and publish the same as source of supply planning.


  • Understand the Fusion planning sytem Integration with JDE.
  • Learn how it can be used to get the best of breed planning solution.
  • Get look and feel of it via screenshots. Implementation details at high level.


Presenter: Vijay Kannan, Project Manager, NexInfo Solutions Inc.




Insight, Monitoring and Diagnostics with E2E Transaction Visibility - CatEyes

Businesses utilizing JD Edwards must assure performance & availability as well as innovate and deploy new features, but often struggle to find the cause of production performance issues, intermittent errors, or problematic database requests.

We'll discuss challenges of JDE monitoring & diagnostics and how Enterprise server end-to-end transaction path & data visibility can help solve them. We'll demo how to use CatEyes for JD Edwards to quickly pinpoint the root cause of issues & errors as well as backtrace from any SQL query or log error to the application/function/user that performed it.


  1. Quickly pinpoint the root cause of production performance issues, errors, or problematic database queries.
  2. Proactively optimize applications with full visibility into runtime behavior through the enterprise server.
  3. Learn about PumaSight’s CatEyes for JD Edwards monitoring & diagnostics solution.

Presenter: Beth Hunt, CTO, PumaSight


Breakout Sessions - Track 2 - 11:40 AM

Room: Boardroom

Room: Coral

Room: Ivory



Why Settle for "Good Enough?" Extending the Power of JDE With Mobile Technology

To thrive in the digital economy, businesses must have access to accurate, real-time information at all points in the supply chain. The right mobile-first solutions enable you to develop and modify apps on your own or deploy standard apps—ultimately streamlining business processes and boosting productivity in your supply chain.

Presenter: Deb Walther, DSIGlobal

Co Presenter: Becky Bazabal, IT Developer, Tanimura & Antle

A Beginners guide to UX-One

Have you heard what is possible with the new JDE tools? Heard UX-One, Citizen Developer and UDOs but you haven’t put any to use yet?  Join us for a beginners guide to getting started with these new features and leading the charge at your organization.

Presenter: Elizabeth Schriefer, President, CEO and Trainer, iLearnERP

How to Use AI and Machine Learning with JDE to Enrich Customer Experience

With machine learning, artificial intelligence and now deep learning… learn how automation can help your software think like a silent, productive member of your team, leaving you more time to focus on the bigger picture. You’ll get answers to important questions, such as:

What’s the difference between AI, RPA and machine-learning technology?

How will it impact my current process and staff?

Will it make my process and IT infrastructure more complicated?

Why are companies choosing to automate and what benefits are they seeing?

Presenter : Charles Narwicz, Business Development Manager, Esker



 Breakout Sessions - Track 3 - 1:50 PM

Room: Boardroom

Room: Coral

Room: Ivory



Uncover Data Buried in Your ERP to Streamline Customer Orders

ERP users face many challenges when processing customer orders. These challenges include, but are not limited to, rigid and difficult reporting processes, lack of real-time capability, and endless gathering and manipulation of data. If any of these issues sound familiar to you or your team members, join insightsoftware as we discuss how to uncover date buried in your ERP to streamline customer orders.


  • Get a better handle on your order fulfillment process.
  • Move to an exception-based reporting environment that provides early warning for potential problems in your supply chain.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, collect cash quicker and reduce costs associated with late shipments.


Presenter: Derious Malone, Senior Solutions Engineer, insightsoftware



Evolve  & Innovate - Your strategy and plans for staying code-current!

In this session we will bring continuous adoption and innovation to life. Smaller, more frequent updates will become the standard for E1 over the coming years. Moving to 9.2 sooner rather than later will enable organizations to make the most of the latest advances. We’ll explore elements of an effective code-current strategy and look at a couple of companies DWS helps to get and stay code-current. By adopting a code-current strategy and maintaining their E1 solution at the latest code base level, businesses can maximize their Oracle JD Edwards investment.

Objective: Attendees will be given concrete strategies on how to create and run an effective code-current program.

Presenter: Ryan McBride, Regional Sales Manager, DWS Global

Look and Feel of Customization in JD Edwards 9.2

This presentation will demonstrate how to leverage the use of Form Extensions, Personal Forms and CAFE1 to improve user productivity in a matter of minutes. We will use real business case scenarios to create mashup (one-stop) screens, all without the need for a FAT client nor Form Design Aid (FDA). Better yet, preventing the need for retrofitting by developers during an upgrade.


  • Show participants how to use the latest User Productivity advancements to create simple and productive forms.
  • Learn about all the requirements for each of these tools, as well as how to manage them.
  • Demonstrate how participants can use export capabilities from the OMW Web.


Presenter: Jerry Salazar, JD Edwards Principal Consultant & Project Manager, Syntax