SCUG Vendors Code of Conduct


The Southern California User Group (aka SCUG) aspires to provide value to its member companies, partner members and associate members by offering multiple avenues with which members can access education, and share knowledge and ideas.

The Mission of SCUG is three fold:

•   To advance the effective utilization of computer software developed and marketed by Oracle, Inc, Oracle’s partners, and other approved vendors by promoting the interchange and dissemination of information of mutual interest and value.

•   To provide a forum for mutual education and exchange of information among members and promote sound and professional systems usage and best practices.

•   To influence the direction of development activities, products, and services of Oracle, inc in the interest of all members to meet user requirements.

Through our ByLaws, SCUG has established a policy by which we will ensure that we deliver this commitment to our members, and will conduct ourselves at all times with integrity and in full compliance with the laws and regulations governing our activities. This Vendor Code of Conduct is an extension of the values and commitments set out in the SCUG By Laws.

SCUG expects that its Vendors, which include partner member companies, customer member companies, independent consultants and meeting/conference sponsors, will share our commitment to integrity. We understand that our Vendors are independent entities; however, the business practices and actions of a Vendor may impact and/or reflect upon SCUG. Because of this, SCUG expects all Vendors and their employees, agents and subcontractors (hereinafter referred to as “representatives”) will adhere to the SCUG Vendor Code of Conduct while they are conducting business with and/or on behalf of SCUG. All SCUG Vendors should educate their representatives to ensure they understand and comply with the SCUG Code of Conduct.

In general terms, acceptable conduct is conduct that does not infringe on the rights of SCUG member companies and other Vendors. Failure to follow the prescribed code of conduct will be reviewed by the SCUG Executive Committee for individual or entity continued membership eligibility, meeting attendance eligibility and/or acceptance as a sponsor.


All SCUG Vendors and their representatives shall conduct their business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the countries they are operating in while conducting business with and/or on behalf of SCUG. In addition to any specific obligations under separate Vendor’s agreements with SCUG, all SCUG Vendors and their representatives shall, without limitation:

•  will not use the Group name (Southern California User Group and SCUG) or its Logos without the explicit written approval of SCUG.

•  will project an attitude of courtesy and professional respect for Members, other Vendors and their Representatives, Group activities and Group property.

•  will maintain the spirit of the SCUG mission towards a comfortable, educational, networking environment by never approaching customer members in an aggressive sales oriented way, or redirecting or interrupting customer attendee interactions with other partners, nor monopolizing customer attendee's time for more than a few minutes if uninitiated by the customer attendee.

•  will maintain a high degree of integrity within the group and the greater software community and always act in the best interest of SCUG.

•  will act in a polite and courteous manner during all SCUG activities They shall freely and openly share their knowledge with other Members.

•  will be honest and ethical, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest by disclosure of potential or actual conflict; declaration that a conflict may have or has occurred; or, the avoidance of conflict by withdrawing or not presenting a situation that might be considered to create a conflict.

•  will comply with the SCUG By Laws and Policies and Procedures as established from time to time by the SCUG Board of Directors.

•  will adhere to the laws of the land; including conducting business in full compliance with antitrust and fair competition laws that govern the jurisdictions in which they conduct business.

•  recognize that there may be more than one Member or Sponsor that provides a particular service or product, and consequently there is an expectation that some competition for business will exist within the SCUG community. SCUG requires that all statements about a product or service offered be documented and provided upon request.

•  will not resort to tactics that would include marketing undocumented claims of superiority of one product over another, making undocumented claims in an effort to make a competitor’s product look bad will not be tolerated, mass mailings or communications to SCUG membership with such claims are not acceptable.

•  are permitted to participate in the private portal community available from the SCUG website. However, as the primary purpose for the portal is to allow users to share ideas and opinions among themselves, vendors will participate only to provide feedback to the issue at hand and not as a forum for unsolicited marketing purposes. Vendors are permitted to mention their services or product but only as it relates to the issue being discussed. A vendor may only mention that they have a solution that “may be helpful”,  with an invitation for members to contact the vendor directly. A vendor may not contact a vendor directly about a post with the purpose of marketing their products or services. No mention of pricing or affordability, or a comparison to another vendor’s product is permitted. All portal threads are monitored by SCUG.

SCUG will not attempt to make legal decisions of what is libel or slander. However, if one Vendor lodges a complaint against another, the Board of Directors will request both parties to discuss and resolve the issue. Failure to do so may result in the expulsion of the offending member. This procedure is not intended to emulate a legal proceeding. The intent is to be sure that problems do not arise due to simple misunderstandings and lack of communication.

On-going participation and membership within the SCUG vendor community is contingent upon compliance with the SCUG Vendor Code of Conduct. Appropriate adherence to this Code of Conduct, in letter and in spirit, will be determined at the sole discretion of the SCUG Board of Directors. Therefore, the SCUG Board unequivocally reserves the right to terminate, with or without stated cause, the continued membership of any entity found to be in material breach of this guideline. In the event of such termination, the vendor forfeits any prepaid unexpired membership and/or sponsorship fees, or meeting registrationg fees.


• SCUG members have a right to privacy:

• Contact information stored on the SCUG website is not in a public domain and should not be shared or copied without the expressed permission of the individual.

• Emails sent to multiple recipients should have email addresses placed in the BCC field so as not to make them visible to all recipients, or a mail-merge feature should be used allow a single email to be sent to each recipient.

• Lists provided to anyone in your company may not be shared with anyone outside of your company. All contact information within a list must be kept confidential.


• The SCUG quarterly meetings are an opportunity for user members to interact with Oracle, Oracle partners and other third party providers of products and services that add value to the user’s ERP investment. Because this creates a competitive environment among the vendors and sponsors, the following policies are in effect at all times during SCUG meetings and events:

• Sponsors and vendors in attendance must recognize that sessions presented by other sponsors, whether Oracle, an Oracle partner, or non-partner, may contain information that is sensitive or proprietary to that sponsor. As such, sponsors and vendors in attendance will respect other sponsors’ right to privacy and not attend sessions presented by other sponsors unless specifically invited by that sponsor. Further, they will not attempt to appropriate sensitive or proprietary information by any other means.

• Sponsors may not disparage any other sponsor at any time during the event. This includes making statements that portray another sponsor or their product or service in a negative light.

• Vendors and their Representatives will not resort to tactics that would include marketing undocumented claims of superiority of one product over another. Making undocumented claims in an effort to make a competitor’s product look bad will not be tolerated. Mass mailings or communications to SCUG members or other conference attendees with such claims are not acceptable.

• Sponsors may not solicit the employees of other sponsors or members during the course of the conference for employment or other services.

• Sponsors should use their best judgment regarding their interaction with other sponsors and are asked to keep within the spirit of these policies for any situations not specifically covered in this document.

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