Sessions for the Q1 Meeting - March 27th, 2019

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Keynote Address           9:30 AM            Knott Room


Would your team run through a brick wall for your company, or take a knee to think about it?

How can your powerful players evolve into a team that refuses to be sidetracked by new technologies, systems, or growth pressures?


Jacob Green knows about beatdowns and how to rise up after one… or twelve.

His engaging talks don’t just inspire for a day or two.

They motivate your best performers for the long haul, so they don’t wander over to the competition when the beatdowns pile up. Better still… he brings tools that make responding to workplace stress/chaos second nature to your team. 

Jacob gives superstars the tools they need to power through today’s challenges, keeping your team not only intact, but loyal and unstoppable.





Breakout Sessions - Track 1 - 10:40 AM

Room:     Chapman                                                              Room:     Talbert                                                          Room:  Bastanchury   


Continuous Delivery - What does it mean for you?

Continuous Delivery is part of Oracle’s push for customers to get to and stay on JD Edwards. It is a new strategy to deliver updates to customers, allowing them to stay current more easily and to leverage new functionality sooner. Explore what Continuous Delivery means and how will it impact your organization.

what is continuous delivery? 

what does continuous delivery mean for you?

execute continuous delivery in your organization



Matt Vanderkooy, Director of Customer Success, ERP-One Consulting Inc.

[email protected]

Matt has done many hands on things in JDE - from CNC, to Security to UX. He currently invests most of his time with customers, helping them identify needs and finding solutions within JDE, with the goal of making our customers innovative and transformative leaders in their industry.


Top 7 Technology Trends in the Supply Chain

You will learn about the top 7 technology trends that are affecting the Supply Chain and how ERP vendors are approaching their use.
During this session, we will cover:

  • What is the Intelligent Digita Mesh
  • Top strategic technology trends
  • How Enterprise Architects (“EA”) and technology leaders need to look at and “understand” how each trend will affect the organization
  • What are the key areas that each technology is addressing and their importance in the enterprise
  • Those trends that “surround” all the others and how they will drive future technology innovations


Learn about the top 7 technology trends that are affecting the Supply Chain and how ERP vendors are approaching their use



Tom Gabriele, Senior Solutions Consultant, GSI, Inc.

[email protected]

Tom has over 35 years experience in the JD Edwards product and implementations.  Regular speaker at workshops and conferences throughout the year, Tom assists organizations in understanding their strategic direction and how to best use their software solutions to achieve the greatest return on their investment. Tom has a deep understanding of software systems and business process and as held numerous positions throughout his career.

Operational Face-lift for your JDE Presentation Layer

Are you looking to add some functional flavor to your JD Edwards presentation layer? We will show you how to take your visuals to the next level and demonstrate how to expand your enterprise-wide reporting skills using advanced data presentation functions. Learn new ways of using data dashboards to create a business narrative with impactful graphics.Join us to learn how to give your JDE an operational facelift with easy-to-use, real-time dashboards. 

Take your presentation layer to the next level with modern and interactive displays  

Combine your data information from various other systems and data sources to produce a comprehensive business picture

Create custom visuals and turn any image into a functional dashboard graphics



Kristen Bassett, Director of Pre-Sales, ReportsNow

[email protected]

Kristen has 15 years of extensive experience working with data analytics and reporting as a JDE Business Analyst in the construction and homebuilding industry.  She brings a highly polished skillset to the challenges of delivering valuable data directly to end-users and executives in her position as Director of Pre-Sales at ReportsNow


Breakout Sessions - Track 2 - 11:40 AM

Room:     Chapman                                                              Room:     Talbert                                                          Room:  Bastanchury   


Less is More...More is Less: Process Based Roles in JDE E1

Are you using Multiple Roles in your E1?  Are your roles Job (Position) based or Process Based?  Learn how you can make the most of your JDEdwards by implementing smaller, Process Based roles and hurdle the challenges that might be in your way to realize Improved Processes, Change Control and easier SOD management.  Session is educational in nature--minimal product demo.

Understand concept of Process Base Roles

Understand Challenges of Multiple Roles

Understand Benefits of Best Practice Multiple Roles

Download Presentation PDF


Cynthia Milenkovich, Western Region (USA) Sales Director, ALLOut Security (Gate Software Inc.)

[email protected]

Cynthia has presented at multiple User Groups, InFocus and is also presenting at Collaborate19.  Cynthia has been representing ALLOut Security across the Western US since 2009.  

Fluidmaster Basics Workshop on Adv Query, Watchlist, CAFEOne

Have you heard about all the awesome new tools features with that bittersweet feeling of being excited at the prospect but worried you'll never get to use them because your company isn't upgrading any time soon?  Or, perhaps you have upgraded and expect to have some of these features already, but you don't know if they are available to you in your environment or not because no one has shown you how to tell?  Finally, you've only seen fancy consulting or sales presentations but you really just want to get started with the basics and see it from another customer's environment?

basics to get started with queries, watchlists and cafe ones from a customers environment

All capabilities are available as early as 9.1.5


Melissa Penfield, Director of IT - Applications Support, Fluidmaster, Inc.

Fusion Planning Integration to JDE

In this session, we will talk about the connectors which will help in migrating the planning data like items, item attributes, supplies, demand, sourcing rules, Bills of Material… etc to be migrated to Oracle Fusion Planning System. This will help in the Rapid Implementation of the project and integrate the JDE system with Oracle Fusion Planning Cloud. This will help in getting best of breed, industry planning solutions capability to be used for supply chain planning.

Understand the Fusion planning sytem Integration with JDE

Learn how it can be implemented in JDE

Get look and feel of it via screenshots. Implementation details at high level


Vijay Kannan

Sr. Solution Architect, Nexinfo


 Breakout Sessions - Track 3 - 1:50 PM

Room:     Chapman                                                              Room:     Talbert                                                          Room:  Bastanchury   


Automating AP and Sales Order Processing with JD Edwards

This presentations spans both Accounts Payable and Orders automation with JD Edwards integration. How-to's and benefits of each will be highlighted, providing an overview of best practices for each. It will be lively!





Chris Denz, Executive, IntelliChief ECM

[email protected]

Chris Denz is a JD Edwards enterprise content management consultant with IntelliChief (

What's New with JD Edwards Tools

Join this session to learn about the JDE Digital Platform available in the latest Tools releases of JD Edwards:
  • Orchestrator
  • Notifications - Ex. Low Inventory, Shipment Arrival, Equipment Down, Long Running UBE, Any JDE data. Any external data.
  • Add business view columns to forms without customization!
  • Tailor forms without customizations, remove exit or undesirable headers, change tab sequence, change field labels, mark a field as mandatory, and more!
  • User Defined Objects management updates
  • Many System Administration and Server Manager enhancements including E1 Healthchecks
  • Object Tracking and IMpact Analysis Tools
  • 64-bit enablement and the What, Why, How and When of this feature
  • Upcoming Certification

Attend this session to get a 360 degree overview of all things coming in the latest tools releases of JD Edwards!

Speaker 1

Nicole Baxter, Development Lead Consultant, CSS International, Inc.

Speaker 2

Bob White, Sales, CSS International, Inc.


Top 3 Trends in Warehouseing & Manufacturing for 2019

This session will discuss the top 3 trends in warehousing and manufacturing for 2019.  It will focus on what is driving improvements in both of these areas and the challenges that both distributors and manufacturers are seeing and what solutions they are implmenting.

get clear on the direction the market is moving towards inside of distribution and manufacturing



Scott McKenzie, Regional Sales Manager, RFGen

Scott is a regional sales manager with nearly 25-years of experience in roles spanning from programmer, project manager, entrepreneur to sales executive in the supply chain industry. With this long tenure in the automation sector, he strives to leverage his experience and bring thought leadership to clients through a consultative approach.  He is highly focused on solving customer problems through automation